I’m a Pepper

An easy 5- hour drive got Tim and me to Birmingham, AL for the Pepper Place Criterium on Saturday. For a first-year event, these folks had the area pretty well set up, although for some reason they’d set up the judges tent on the left side of the finish straight, across the road and half a block away from the registration and results desk. Tim spotted a good parking spot that offered a bit of shade and I sauntered off to register for the 4 pm Master’s race. I had just replaced my badly worn out Continue reading I’m a Pepper


Summer rain tapping on my window in the pre-dawn hours was all the excuse I needed. As I drifted off back to sleep I was already planning a morning stop at the local Starbucks and hoping they were brewing my favorite dark roast, Cafe’ Verona. A few hours later, my official stainless steel travel cup in hand, I was rewarded when I saw it on the chalkboard. Verona always reminds me of my two months of Katrina exile in Jackson, LA. We would travel all the way in Continue reading Verona

Curve Balls

So the conversation last night went something like this. “Can you take me to the airport tomorrow morning?” “Sure. What time do you need to be there?” “Five.” “A.M.???” “Can you set the alarm for 4:00? Don’t worry, you won’t have to get up until 4:30.” Oh, and I was sleeping so soundly when the alarm sounded this morning! Half-asleep I drove out to the airport on the deserted streets, dropping off The Wife at the appointed time, and arriving back home around 5:30. With a good 45 minutes to kill Continue reading Curve Balls


I awoke just a few minutes before the alarm, as I often do, and briefly contemplated the start of another work week and the Monday training ride. It dawned on me rather quickly, though, that this particular work week was beginning on a Tuesday, which meant a long ride and an early start. After three long morning rides in a row, I’d have to think about this one. Somehow it just didn’t seem worth the effort of rushing off in the semi-darkness today, so instead I decided on a compromise, and stayed Continue reading Compromise

What I Needed

When Keith called me Sunday evening to let me know there would be a little Northshore training ride on Monday, I thought, “That’s just what I need.” The prospect of three Giro Rides in a row was a little daunting, for any number of reasons, and I was only too happy to have a viable alternative dropped in my lap. And so Monday morning found me at Starbucks ordering a small dark roast and a cranberry scone for the trip across the causeway. I put the car on crui Continue reading What I Needed

Sunday News

It’s quite quiet in the neighborhood today. I suppose a lot of the students, as well as the regular residents, are off on little labor day vacations of one sort or another. For me, though, it was just another Sunday and another Giro Ride. I’d thought that, under the circumstances, today’s ride would be really mellow. Indeed, the group was relatively small and the pace was mostly within reason, but nonetheless it was most de Continue reading Sunday News

In Town

So here I am spending the long holiday weekend in town, as usual. My life is so exciting I can hardly stand it. The highlight of the day was the Saturday Giro Ride, which was uncharacteristically sedate. The Saturday Giros have been really fast for weeks on end, and so this morning I was expecting nothing less. Also, with the La/Ms Time Trial Championship coming up I figured there would be a lot of guys out on their TT machines. I was wrong on both counts. I’d gotten a call at work yesterday fro Continue reading In Town