Musical Saddles

The five o’clock alarm launched me out of my much-needed slumber and soon I was out in the dark, clamping the roof rack to the car and loading up for Saturday’s Team Time Trial. I picked up Roy right on time, and by the time we were an hour down the road I figured out there was still time for a stop at the Starbucks in Gonzalez. It would have been perfect except that they were out of brown sugar. Once we arrived at the start of the time trial we needed to track down our two teammates. As we were Continue reading Musical Saddles

Coming Up for Air

It’s 12:30 at night and I’m just coming up for air after a busy couple of days. In less than five hours I’ll be on the road to Baton Rouge for the annual Team Time Trials and Tribulations. Things started to stack up on Wednesday when I realized that the stuff I had to have finished on Friday would actually need to be finished on Thursday because of an office “staff retreat.” So I stayed up way too late Wednesday working on a paper involving three of the Unive Continue reading Coming Up for Air

Levee Drills

Things haven’t been going too smoothly today. Right out of the gate this morning I found my rear tire had gone flat overnight. Since I was already running behind schedule, I grapped my racing wheel and took off, hoping I wouldn’t do any damage to the relatively expensive, and thin, Michelin Pro2 Race Light tires. The group was ready and waiting when I finally arrived, and on my approach someone said “keep rolling” and the rest of the guys clipped in. We still Continue reading Levee Drills

Reasons Unknown

Lifting one slat of the Levolors I peered out into the darkness looking for a sign. The prior night’s forecast had been bleak, and rather than an internet radar check I thought today I’d rely on a look out the window. Although it was still a bit too dark to discern the degree of cloud cover, there was one thing I was looking for that would tip the balance. Aha! One bright planet and a couple of stars twinkling in the predawn sky provided ample Continue reading Reasons Unknown

Riding in the Dry Spots

The radar this morning wasn’t very encouraging, but even to my 6 am groggy brain I thought it was worth a shot. Arlow was the only person to show up on the levee, which wasn’t surprising, so we headed out side by side with a light tailwind and thick clouds looming in the distance. When we got near Williams Blvd. the occasional light mist started to turn into genuine raindrops, so we turned around. Somehow we managed to avoid actually getting wet, so it turned out to have been good call. Of cours Continue reading Riding in the Dry Spots

Storm Formerly Known as TD10

Well, the big storm drifted a bit north toward Mississippi Friday evening and completely disintegrated, leaving us with quite a nice weekend for riding. Unfortunately there weren’t any races around here, leaving me to fend for myself with a couple of Giro Rides. Saturday’s ride started out with me getting a flat before we’d even gotten off of Lakeshore Drive. Then, as the pace started to ramp up on Chef Highway, there was another flat. This time it was Courtney. Nobody really wanted to stop beca Continue reading Storm Formerly Known as TD10

TD-10 Weekend

It was still relatively cool this morning, but with a slightly stronger wind out of the northeast thanks to the approaching “subtropical low” that, later in the day, was upgraded to an official Tropical Depression, now called “TD-10” unless and until it gets strong enough to be designated a Tropical Storm, at which point it would get a name. Depression indeed! Since it’s looking like the whole weekend might be a wet one, it’s certainly got me depressed. The tr Continue reading TD-10 Weekend