Opened Floodgates

The weather for the first Saturday of the official LAMBRA “off season” was nothing less than spectacular. Truth be known, it would be nice if we had a ‘Cross season to tide us over through the relatively mild winters we have, but for now I guess we will make do with the winter training rides on the northshore that should be starting in November. There’s a reason that I’m thinking of cyclocross today, however. The Giro Ride group was a little bit smaller than usual today, and it was clear that Continue reading Opened Floodgates

Wine, Angels and Song

Although yesterday started out routinely, by late afternoon it was looking significantly more interesting. The Wife asked me to join a meeting with some folks who were in town doing a site visit in preparation for an upcoming Psychiatry convention, and for reasons I don’t really understand she thought I could provide some useful insight from the “local” perspective on some of the “activities” that they were considering. I might have backed out of such a meeting except that the meeting was going Continue reading Wine, Angels and Song

Extra Points

Rolled out of bed at 5:45 as usual, pulled on the shorts and shirt, and stumbled down the stairs to the basement. Something about the sound of the cars on the street outside made me crack open the door. The streets were soaked; rain still dripping from the roof; puddles in the street. Back upstairs to check the radar. Scattered rain with a capital “S,” but it was all moving fast and the temperature was warm. So I transferred the lights and seat bag to the ol’ full-fender Pennine and pointed it Continue reading Extra Points

Garbage Day

Although I’d gone to bed rather early Tuesday night, it seemed to take a little extra determination to get the feet on the floor this morning. My internal clock just keeps insisting that the day doesn’t start until the sun comes up. So naturally I was running a little bit late when I finally opened the door. Then it struck me. It was Garbage Day. Damn. I rushed back upstairs and yanked the plastic bags out of the kitchen garbage cans, hauled them down to the b Continue reading Garbage Day

So Much Darker

The weather has reverted to its normal level of humidity and temperature now. As I got ready to ride today I took a look out the window because if felt so humid that I though it might have actually rained. Although the streets were dry, I couldn’t help but notice that it looked so much darker than it did just a week ago. I’m sure that was due in part to the scattered clouds that were visible only because of the reflection of the city’s lights, aka, “light pollution.” I had picked up a new little Continue reading So Much Darker

Under the Oaks

Rocktoberfest is kind of a special race. Started seven or eight years ago by the Lakeshore Cycling club, and later adopted by the NOBC, it typically marks the end of the regular road racing season for many riders. It is also one of the few races conducted right in the city of New Orleans. Promoting races in the city can be challenging, and with the traditional Lakeshore Drive course still not quite ready for prime time, we had decided to try for City Park. It was only through the generous spons Continue reading Under the Oaks

Two Whole Days

My schedule was packed with meetings and other work both Thursday and Friday, and both days found me heading to work early too early to squeeze in a ride. On the plus side, I spent much of the time on the uptown campus enjoying the marvelous weather. So basically I spent two whole days completely off the bike, which I suppose wasn’t such a bad thing. The cool front that came through brought a Saturday morning temperature of about 60F, which felt positively chilly to me as I headed out to the lak Continue reading Two Whole Days