Olympic Training

It was a 4:30 am wake-up this morning for my early flight(s) to Colorado Springs by way of Houston, and the result was that I had a few hours to kill after checking into my dorm room at the Olympic Training Center for the annual Local Associations “Summit.” Of course, the first thing we did was head for the cafeteria. One thing you can always count on at any sort of training center is lots of cheap, or in our special case free, food. There are a number of int Continue reading Olympic Training

Touching and Going

The annual NCURA conference wrapped up, at least for me, around 10 am on Wednesday. Although there was actually another session that I’d wanted to attend, I just wasn’t comfortable with the mad dash for the airport that it would entail. So I retrieved my luggage from the hotel and rolled down the hill on Connecticut Avenue to the Dupont Circle metro stop, heading for National Airport. It had been a pretty good meeting, and of all the sessions I attended I thin Continue reading Touching and Going

In the District

I’m currently up in the District of Columbia, aka Washington DC, a the annual NCURA conference. A few people have asked me how many years I’ve attended, and somewhat disturbingly, I don’t really remember. My best guess is about 18. Today was a full day of meetings and discussion groups about exciting things like earmarking, indirect costs, electronic research administration, etc. We had a nice keynote address by Robert Bazell (NBC’s science guy) to start the Continue reading In the District

So Nice

Fall is the one time in New Orleans where, every now and then, we get one or two really spectacular days. Today is one of them. Clear blue skies, cool temperatures that don’t require more than arm-warmers, and light winds. Riding out to the lakefront in the semi-darkness I had a feeling it would be like this. I was only halfway there when I heard Chad come past me yelling “free ride, free ride!” Since he was going a good 5 mph faster than my leisurely 17 mph, Continue reading So Nice

Family Visit

There are tons of party leftovers stuffed in the ‘fridge right now, and I feel rather compelled to consume them as quickly as possible. Luckily I’ll be heading out to DC for a few days on Sunday, so I’ll only have another day or so to stuff myself. The morning ride was pretty nice with just three of us, but I was certainly glad it will be the last levee ride in the dark for a while. It sounds like the Corps will start tearing up sections of the river levee late next summer, so it may be a long t Continue reading Family Visit

Turning Back Early

Halloween night was pretty good this year. Most of the neighbors came by for our usual Halloween open house, and there was an ample supply of trick-or-treaters all up and down the street. A number of people who had come all the way down Neron Place from Carrollton commented that the mayor was having some sort of thing down at Palmer Park. Imagine that. The mayor has a party and doesn’t invite the neighbors! I guess we were just from the wrong side of Carrollton. Anyway, we had a ton of food and Continue reading Turning Back Early

Late Rising

I slept last night in half-hour increments, it seemed. With a couple of windows open, it may have been simply the noise coming from the streets, but for whatever reason I didn’t feel all that rested when I finally gave up and got out of bed early this morning. I’m still pretty grumpy. The temperature has been rising lately, but I pulled on the arm-warmers anyway and headed out toward the levee once again. It was still quite dark, thanks to the extra week’s delay in making the time switch, but w Continue reading Late Rising