Practically Perfect

I stood there at the door, knee- warmers in hand, weighing my options. It was one of those in-between days when you just know that the right thing to wear when you start the ride won’t be the right thing by the end. It was a situation that called for compromise. I put the leg-warmers down and headed off for the Saturday Giro Ride. A few blocks later, riding down Carrollton Avenue under cloudy skies, my chilly legs were already regretting my decision. There was a pretty good group for the traditi Continue reading Practically Perfect

An Unpracticed Paceline

When I arrived at our meeting spot up on the levee this morning there were just a couple of people there. Rob and Chad had zipped past without stopping a few moments before, so we waited to see if anyone else would show up and then headed out. It was looking like it would be a pretty typical Friday morning ride. Looks, however, can be deceiving. Soon we came upon a small group containing some relatively new riders, and somewhere farther down the road we caught up with Chad and Rob. By then that Continue reading An Unpracticed Paceline

Behind Us

Something woke me up at 4 a.m. this morning. No doubt it was the people living in the apartment across Pine Street from the house. I’m convinced the current residents are bartenders, bouncers or musicians, because there is always a lot of action there around 3 or 4 in the morning – car doors closing, people talking, car alarms, those sorts of things. Anyway, although I tried to go back to sleep I wasn’t all that successful, but of course when the alarm went off I didn’t exactly leap out of bed. Continue reading Behind Us


The Wednesday morning levee ride was pretty standard fare today, although for some reason Big Richard was gently pushing the pace most of the time. It’s all relative, of course, since we were rarely going more than 23 mph. Still, I felt like I’d had a workout when I rolled the bike back into the house. I had to attend a morning training session on the uptown campus today for some new payroll software. It was largely unnecessary, albiet required, so I sat through the demonstration, even when they Continue reading Sidetracked

The Crack of Dawn

The temperature was back down into the upper 40s this morning, but something else seemed amiss. It was still much too dark when I stepped out the door at 6 am. After many, many years of stepping out that door at 6 am, the normal level of sunlight for each day of the year is firmly imprinted somewhere in my head, and something wasn’t quite right today. I looked up at the sky and saw nothing but a monotone blanket of high grey clouds. Ah, well. At Continue reading The Crack of Dawn

Another Year

In many ways, the end of November always marks the end of another year for me. By now I’ve been coasting through a month or more of training rides, content to enjoy the scenery, such as it is. By early December, I’ll be thinking about 2008, working on finalizing the LAMBRA calendar and making decisions about which of my rapidly aging bike parts can’t possibly make it through another season without replacement. At work, things will also slow down, and by mid-December people around here will star Continue reading Another Year

Turkey Day on the Levee

The cool front that came through in the wee hours this morning brought with it the usual blustery north wind, and when I walked out the door to ride I wondered if we’d have much of a group for Charlie’s annual Thanksgiving Day ride up on the levee. I’d been up rather late the night before since my brother’s two sons were staying at the house, camping out on inflatable mattresses, and we’d spent some time catching up. Since one of them is a fairly serious runn Continue reading Turkey Day on the Levee