Winter Morning Train–ing

The cold front that came through Saturday dropped the local temps down into the 40s by Sunday morning. I piled on the clothes, summoned up my lagging enthusiasm, and stepped out the door at 6:30 am to meet the Sunday Giro Ride. I rode straight into the cold 20 mph north wind for four or five blocks before sanity won out over determination and I retreated to the house. A couple of hours later, after the sun was up, I ventured out again, and although it was still nearly as windy and cold as it ha Continue reading Winter Morning Train–ing

Playing It By Ear

When I headed out for Lakeshore Drive this morning to meet the Giro Ride, there was a plan in place: Get in 60 miles or so, shower, drive up to Baton Rouge to visit the Mother in Law, stop by the niece’s new place with presents for the kids, and then hustle back to NOLA in time to pick The Daughter up from the airport. It was a good plan. Today’s Giro Ride started out with a little group way off the front while we were still on Lakeshore Drive, but Continue reading Playing It By Ear

Foggy Friday

When Mother Nature spun her big roulette wheel this morning, the ball landed solidly in the “Fog” slot. As I walked into the kitchen on my way downstairs I glanced out the window and abruptly hit the brakes. Damn! If the fog was that thick at my house, I knew it would probably be even worse along the river, so I pulled on my knee warmers and headed instead over to Audubon Park for an easy spin. The fog was thick enough to make me nervous as I rode down Broadwa Continue reading Foggy Friday

Going Downhill

The forecast for this morning had been pretty pessimistic, so even before I got dressed I checked to see what the radar was showing. I was both surprised and relieved to find that there wasn’t any rain falling within a hundred miles of us, so I hurried out the door to try and get to the levee on time. I didn’t quite make it before the group pulled out, but as I rode past the starting point I could see cluster of flashing red lights just a minute or two up the road. I knew they would Continue reading Going Downhill

Life in the City

The roller-coaster ride that is our weather continues. It’s nearly 80F right now, and it looks like we won’t even see the 40s until the weekend. The good news is that we should have some nice riding weather over the upcoming holidays. Today’s ride was really nice. There was just the slightest bit of wind, and the group was about as smooth and consistent as this sort of group gets. Having gone to bed early, again, last night, Continue reading Life in the City

Change of Routine

It was around 5:00 a.m. when the phone rang. I figured it was one of those calls I get now and then in which there’s an unintelligible and heavily slurred voice on the other end asking for someone with an unpronounceable name, to which my groggy reply of “you dialed the wrong number, you drunken dumbass” just doesn’t seem to register. I picked up the phone anyway, probably just out of morbid curiosity. Surprisingly, on the other end was The Sister In Law who was calling from her neighbor’s house Continue reading Change of Routine

36, 994, and Seventy-two Thousand

Having been an official “always be prepared” Boy Scout of Troop 55, I pulled on the arm-warmers Saturday morning despite the forecast high of 80F. Like the weekend before, the combination of warm still air and the relatively cool waters of the lake meant fog would be a possibility. Just in case, I left the lights on the bike as well. Arriving at the lake half an hour later, I was glad to see only a hint of fog, and as the Giro Ride rolled out for the umpteenth time everyone was enjoying the uns Continue reading 36, 994, and Seventy-two Thousand