Shades of Grey

Well, the weatherpersons were right on target. The rain started last night and shows no signs of letting up. The photo from the rooftop may as well have been taken in black and white (remember black and white film??) because practically everything is rendered in shades of grey. I had been holding out some hope of getting in a few miles this morning, but when the alarm went off I could hear the rain on the street outside, and a quick glance at the temperature was all it took for me to pull the c Continue reading Shades of Grey

Falling Pressure

It was a fine and chilly morning today, but the high clouds and falling pressure signalled an end to our recent string of great riding days. It seemed particularly dark at the outset, but at least the wind was mild and we had a group of about ten on hand to share the work. I had thought I’d put in a hard workout today, but after taking my first real pull of the day my quads advised otherwise. It took about seven or eight miles to find out, though, because The Continue reading Falling Pressure

Hills and Headwinds

It was a great weekend for cycling and Sunday’s training ride on the northshore was well worth the trip across the pond to the land of pine trees. I was a little disappointed to find only Viv waiting at Starbucks for the drive over there, although I found out later that Scott had tried to meet us too but failed to locate the coffee shop tucked into a little building in the corner of the Lakeside Shopping Center’s parking lot. The ride was starting from the little town of Enon, so we had a good Continue reading Hills and Headwinds

In the Quarter

Fair Warning! There are a lot of photos coming up because I am too tired to make decisions about which ones to exclude and where to put them. The morning wasn’t nearly as cold as I’d thought, and I found myself stuffing clothing into my pockets well before the Giro Ride had left Lakeshore Drive. The group today was quite large, no doubt due in part to the great weather. David had met me at the house, after getting a good dose of the Pine Street – Roubaix, an Continue reading In the Quarter

Mood Swing

It has always amazed me how I can feel like an out of shape, fat tub of lard one day and then the next day feel like a bike racer again. Sometimes the mood swing doesn’t even take a whole day. There have been many times when I’ve felt absolutely terrible warming up for a race, and then halfway through it some switch flips and suddenly I’m back in the game. What it’s taught me, though, is to never make assumptions about your racing fitness based on how you happen to feel at the moment. Things cha Continue reading Mood Swing

Caught and Stuck

Got up. Got dressed. Turned on the blinky lights. Went four blocks down the road. It started to rain. Went another block or two. It rained harder. Turned around. It rained even harder. Caught in the rain. Got home cold and wet after a five minute ride. Rode to the uptown campus for meetings. More rain. Walked to the UC in the rain hoping to wait it out. It rained more. Stuck at the UC. Ate a cold sandwich. Walked back to the Continue reading Caught and Stuck

Diffuse Lighting

Woke up to a 6 am starless sky, and in consideration of our recent meteorological uncertainties headed straight for the computer to check the local radar loop. It showed lots of small scattered showers, but nothing alarming enough for a day off, so I rolled out for a routine Wednesday ride on the levee. Just after I arrived, Elise rode up. Viv was under the weather, so she’d gotten up a bit earlier to meet the group. Ronnie was there today as well, albeit on his mountain bike. That would turn o Continue reading Diffuse Lighting