Tuesday. Parade Over…

Fat Tuesday started out with a foggy and warm 6 am training ride. We had I guess eight or nine up on the levee this morning, and both the temperature and the pace were unseasonably hot. I was a little bit torn between getting in a good training ride and hanging out at Audubon Park for the7 am Royal Run, but ultimately decided on the ride. It was a bit of a sacrifice, really, because I knew there would be a good turnout because Rex this year is a member of Tulane’s Board of Directors and someone Continue reading Tuesday. Parade Over…

Lumpy Training Ride and then Lundi Gras

Sunday morning the weather was warm when I took off for The Morning Call to meet up with anyone else who might be doing our Rouge-Roubaix prep. northshore training route. Since it was a very busy Mardi Gras parade and party weekend, I wasn’t too surprised to find nobody there, so I found the only radio station not proadcasting Sunday morning PSAs or Infomercials (i.e. WWOZ) and made my way out to Causeway Blvd. for the drive across the lake. Somewhere behind Continue reading Lumpy Training Ride and then Lundi Gras

Morning and Night the Saturday Before

Dan works for the Border Patrol out west, lately on horseback, and the nearest Starbucks is 70 miles away. So when he called to say he’d be in town and wanted to meet at the local Starbucks precisely when it opened at 6:30 am, I understood. You can take a city boy out of the coffee shop, but you can’t take the coffee shop out of the city boy. So I met Dan and his friend Courtney, who he’s helping with a cross-country move, waited for the barista to open the door, and finally headed north to the Continue reading Morning and Night the Saturday Before

The Daily Battle

It’s been hard lately to get out on the road in the morning. It seems to me that mid-January through February is often a difficult season for training. The weather has been cold, rainy, windy or some combintation of the above all week, resulting in a daily battle with common sense. It’s only my intense dislike for the indoor trainer that gets me on the road some mornings. Well, that and my equally intense dislike for being dropped like a rock by guys who ride trainers for two hours a day. When Continue reading The Daily Battle

Cleat Surfing

I had just pulled on my shorts when I heard the rain. Outside, illuminated only by the orangish street lights, puddles were already forming in the street as a steady rain poured down. It was still early, around 5:45 am, so there was hope. I stumbled down the hallway and fired up the computer to check the radar. There was an isolated shower passing right over us, but all around it looked clear. Well, except for the huge red and yellow line of thunderstorms over Continue reading Cleat Surfing

A Day Off??

The day was going to be complicated one way or the other. Knowing that I’d have to be driving up to Baton Rouge with The Wife and her sister from Dallas for some family stuff that had already gone awry, I was determined to get in my morning training ride regardless of the weather. At least I had no trouble waking up in time, thanks to the multitude of garbage trucks that started making the rounds outside around 5 am. I had taken the day off from work in order Continue reading A Day Off??

A Soft Southerly Breeze

I switched off the alarm and raised my head off the pillow just enough to see the thermometer, then I blinked, rubbed my eyes, and checked it again. It read 60F. I swear, if a person had mood swings like New Orleans has temperature swings, he’d be put on medication for sure. So I was out the door a couple of minutes late wearing arm-warmers and shorts. Shorts!! Outside, there was a steady but soft southerly breeze blowing t Continue reading A Soft Southerly Breeze