Falling Temp, Rising Water

The weather this morning was splendid, except for the fact that the temperature was back down in the low 40s and there was a howling 20 mph north wind. I suspect it was one of those factors that slashed the levee ride turnout to four, but hey, after having to pull the plug on yesterday’s training, I was not about to let a little cold and wind stop me today. So we headed out for the usual Wednesday ride, nearly all of which was a battle with headwinds or cro Continue reading Falling Temp, Rising Water

Weather Wimps

Well, here I am sitting at my desk at the office at 8:02 am, which is about when I *should* be coasting down the levee on my way home from the morning ride. Outside, it’s *not* raining and it’s *not* cold. So, “What happened?” one might ask. The forecast last night was calling for a cold front to pass through the area some time in the early morning. When I awoke today I peeked out through the blinds and saw that the streets were dry, so I got dressed and went first to the computer to check the Continue reading Weather Wimps

The Sunday Ride

I arrived at the Starbucks a little early Sunday morning, allowing me to sit on the comfy couch with a hot cup of coffee and a fresh cranberry scone while I waited to see if anyone else would show up. Nobody did. I’ve never really been able to identify that special combination of factors that determines turnout for training rides. This morning there was the annual Mardi Gras Marathon in town and I know a number of our guys were volunteering as lead bikes. A couple of the guys were also planning Continue reading The Sunday Ride

Warm, Cold and Windy

It was warm and humid when I went to sleep last night, but by morning it was cold and windy. The cold front that caused all the rain finally sauntered through. Well, almost. When I opened the door at 6:15 am I looked up at the cloudy sky and tree limbs blowing in the wind and turned right around to put on an extra layer. I was glad I did. The Giro Ride group out at the lakefront was quite large today, especially considering the sub-par weather. Once we hit Hayne Blvd. the pace just got faster Continue reading Warm, Cold and Windy

Keepin’ On Keepin’ On

Monday was a typical spin up on the levee under clear but surprisingly chilly skies, and I guess it was the nice weather that kept the pace just a tad on the faster side of easy. After a pleasant ride to the office, quietly prioritizing the items on my to-do list and enjoying the pretty morning, I settled in at the desk for what I figured would be a busy week. Then the phone rang. It was The Wife who said we would need to dr Continue reading Keepin’ On Keepin’ On

Weather and Wine

The forecasters have obviously been very confused by the recent weather, and so when I got up Saturday morning the first thing I did was stumble down the hall and fire up the laptop to check the radar. The predicted rain was clearly behind schedule, and it looked good for the Giro Ride, so I suited up and hit the road. The temps have been well above normal lately, and the camelias in the front yard are taking full advantage of the opportunity. I opted for arm-warmers just to keep the Continue reading Weather and Wine

Week’s End

This work week felt particularly long to me, and so I was glad to be heading out for an easy Friday ride this morning, especially since the southerly wind had boosted the temperature up into the 60s. We had a smallish group, as usual for a Friday, and as usual Joe was already there when I arrived. Russell was also there, having been AWOL for a while due to a cold, and Scott, who had also been recently absent, was back from a ski trip. John and Rob rounded out Continue reading Week’s End