Three People

Thanks to a start time scheduled at the relatively civilized hour of 9:30 am, Ed N. and I didn’t leave for Baton Rouge this morning until around 7, and since the first riders didn’t actually start until 10:00, we arrived in plenty of time. Today was the Raising Cane’s Racing annual 3-man Time Trial on River Road, just down the river from Baton Rouge. It wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that I finally got my 3-man team together. With veteran Mike Lew on the hoo Continue reading Three People

Shrunken Mileage

It’s just been one of those weeks when the weather, although admittedly not all that terrible, just seems to be having a blast slapping the morning ride around. Yesterday, with the rain still falling outside, I hit the “kill” button without even getting out of bed, content in the knowledge that I’d logged a few extra miles on Tuesday and with that little surplus in the training bank I could afford to skip what would have been a rather nasty ride in the rain. Unfortunately, another cool front bl Continue reading Shrunken Mileage

Blown Away

The wind advisories were already posted when I climbed up the levee to meet the tiny cluster of blinking red lights. Tim, already halfway through a training ride at 6:15 am, rolled up to the group as we clipped in and we headed up the river into the darkness. We rode side by side for a long time, keeping a steady pace and waiting for whatever morning light might filter through the overcast sky. Gradually the pace increased, lifted by a gusty and unsteady tailwind. I strained in the dim light to Continue reading Blown Away

Transition Time

This was one of those ‘double Giro Ride’ weekends for me. There was a 40 km Time Trial just a few hours away on Saturday that I might have, should have, ridden, but excuses were sufficiently plentiful to keep me at home. Leaving The Wife without a car to fend for herself after spending three days working a conference downtown probably wouldn’t have been nice. Nonetheless, the weekend Giro Rides really seemed to highlight the Continue reading Transition Time

Friday Already. How’d That Happen?

This morning was yet another wash-out, although at least this one didn’t come as a surprise. What caught me off-guard, though, was the realization that it was already Friday! This week seemed to go pretty fast. I was up past midnight trying to come up with a viable way to score the subgroups from the Rouge-Roubaix results, some of which are still in production, since at registration they somehow managed to avoid making up individual start lists and therefore there was no way to tell if, for exam Continue reading Friday Already. How’d That Happen?

Strangely Reluctant

It wasn’t particularly cold this morning, but it was still just a little colder than I’d been expecting. After I opened the door to ride I turned around and grabbed my Pearlizumi vest. Perhaps it was the humidity, but for some reason it seemed colder than the thermometer, which was hovering around the 50F mark, seemed to indicate. Of course it might also have been the fact that it was pitch black outside without even the slightest hint of dawn in the eastern s Continue reading Strangely Reluctant

Just Another Wednesday

Garbage Day. I stepped out into the morning darkness and switched on my lights. There was barely a glow in the sky as I pedaled slowly through the neighborhood streets lined with identical huge wheeled garbage cans. It’s a sight I thought I’d never see in my part of town where houses are packed closely together and people park expensive cars on the street for lack of driveways. The cars go away during the day, but a lot of the garbage cans don’t. They’re just Continue reading Just Another Wednesday