Unplanned Respite

Tuesday morning’s alarm went off a mere four hours after I’d finally hit the sack, and ten minutes later I was on my way out to the levee, still half-asleep. The air was chilly enough for knee-warmers and the Kodiak jersey, and if I said I enjoyed the ride out to the dip I’d be lying. I was tired and uncomfortable, and within a few miles all I could think about was the fact that I’d be turning around early at the dip and riding back alone. The paceline was motoring along pretty quickly thanks to Continue reading Unplanned Respite

Alone in the Wind

***Warning! It’s been a few days, so this one is going to be loooong. You might want to go pop a bag of popcorn or something before continuing… I looked down through the cloudy eye shield of my time trial helmet and made a mental note of the distance. Only half a mile into the 4 mile time trial, riding directly into a 25 mph headwind, I was already considering sitting up. This was not good. Motivation was lacking, aerobi Continue reading Alone in the Wind

Fractured Friday

With the wind still blowing strongly out of the south I swung my leg over the Orbea this morning, gliding sadly past the Volvo with its crumpled hood, and rode out to see who would be at the levee for the Friday ride. I’d been up rather late the night before after a nice dinner in a private room at Arnaud’s in the French Quarter that someone else was paying for, a quick 10:30 meeting with Robin to trade off stopwatches and stuff for the Tour de Lis Time Trial tomorrow, and some swapping around Continue reading Fractured Friday

Too Much Going On

I thought today would be a little bit more busy than normal. Little did I know… First, I head out to the long levee ride this morning where Tim and Woody did some damage in the strong tailwind, dropping most of the group and leaving just Darren and me begging for mercy every time we’d get up over 28 mph. The return trip into the wind actually seemed easier, but then I did spend a fair amount of time just sitting on the back! The rest of the day has been kind Continue reading Too Much Going On

Wind and Water

Tuesday morning I worked my way out the door and past the mud and the new eight foot deep excavation that the gas people have made about three feet from the house, and headed for the levee in my usual rush because as usual I was running late. All I can say is that it’s a good thing I don’t live very far from where we meet. My legs were clearly still feeling a little bit of last Sunday, so I figured I’d take it relatively easy since my plan was to turn around at the dip anyway. It was looking li Continue reading Wind and Water

Back to Cuba

The alarm went off at 4:10 a.m. and I felt, not entirely unexpectedly, like crap. I’d slept only sporadically, my head propped up on a folded-over pillow, struggling to breathe through a congested nose. But damn, I really wanted to ride the race, so I decided I’d at least give it a try and if things got worse I could always just head back to the car early. So by 4:25 Ed and I were on the fog-shrouded Interstate to Cuba, Alabama for the annual road race. By the time we arrived at 8 am the tempera Continue reading Back to Cuba

Below the Storm

I made it out to the Friday ride, but I already knew how I’d feel. The prior day’s drip in the back of my throat was none the better and I’d already started taking pseudoephrine, which thanks to the popularity of home-brew Meth, now serves as a poor substitute for the good ol’ pseudoephedrine that got me through my worst allergy years of the 80s and 90s. The morning ride was not exactly an easy recovery ride, and I felt sorry for the new rider (Monica, I think) who showed up and politely asked Continue reading Below the Storm