Home Again

I’m still working, however intermittently, from home and it’s getting pretty frustrating. I had originally assumed that the problems would revolve around simple things like pain management and my ability to use my left arm, but in fact the big problem has been the pain medication and its effect on my head, and also the related effect on my ability to get to and from work. It has been a challenge to concentrate, and I’m not particularly comfortable driving in traffic while taking this pain medica Continue reading Home Again

Kind of a Rough Day

So the collarbone has been hurting off and on pretty much all day thanks to this brace that is trying to push it all into more or less proper alignment. This whole brace thing is a pretty imprecise thing, to say the least. For sure I’m already getting a little cabin fever from being stuck at home for two days straight. I’d been thinking I might be able to go in to work tomorrow, but now I think I’ll have to wait until the morning to re-evaluate. The Wife won’t be back in town until tomorrow even Continue reading Kind of a Rough Day


It’s amazing how much one can get done while under the influence of drugs. I slept surprisingly well last night and was up bright and early making one-handed coffee and leaving messages at the Sports Medicine Institute so I could get in to see the orthopedist. It’s still kind of difficult to get in to see a doctor around here, so I was really happy when they were able to slot me in at 1:30 today. First, though, I had to get a ride downtown to pick up the CD containing my x-rays from the radiolo Continue reading Rearrangements

Ouch! Rashes of Crashes

It was looking like it would be a great Sunday. Clear skies, warm temperatures, nothing on my calendar except the Giro Ride and maybe a haircut. Dan stopped by early and by 6:30 we were headed down Carrollton Avenue to the lakefront. There was a good group on hand and I was looking forward to a good workout as we crested the two bridges and rolled down onto Hayne Blvd. As usual I was in the middle of the group as it slowly started to get up to speed. Suddenly a dog comes running from the right Continue reading Ouch! Rashes of Crashes

Riding Alone

I peered through the slats of the Levelors at the wet street below and glanced at the clock. 6:15 am. Dan Bennett had called on Friday to say he was in town for a few days and we had planned to ride out to the Giro Ride together. I figured I’d better check to the radar, and what I saw didn’t look good. It was definitely going to rain. The only question was exactly when and how hard. I keyed in a one word text message “Abort?” After a brief discussion we decided to play it safe, so a little while Continue reading Riding Alone

Antisocial Behavior

I rode out to the levee this morning to meet the 6:15 ride and didn’t even feel the need for a blinky light. It must be summer. Indeed, the temperature was warmer and a stiff wind was blowing out of the southeast. The river level is finally starting to drop ever so slowly, exposing dead and waterlogged grass and impressive amounts of once-floating flotsam including everything from trees to plastic bottles and Styrofoam. So the group started out as usual, but Continue reading Antisocial Behavior


After another fourteen or so hours in a rental car on Monday I was kind of looking forward to getting back into my usual routine on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, while I’d been cruising down I-55 drinking Cokes and eating gas station pretzels, my calendar was being filled up with back-to-back meetings starting at 9 am. Don’t you hate it when work interferes with riding? So the best I could do was to meet the group at 6:15, turn around early at the parish li Continue reading Interference