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Spinning My Wheels

Today is “Tulane Day” at the state capitol in Baton Rouge, a little three-ring circus that our office annually coordinates. While three or four separate groups from Tulane travel around to pre-arranged meetings with state legislators to talk about all the great things their projects are doing for the State, the atrium (aka “the rotunda”) of the capitol building is decorated with blue and green as specially selected Tulane centers and collaborative projects set up displays aimed at highlighting t Continue reading Spinning My Wheels

Home Early

Didn’t ride the trainer this morning. I guess maybe I didn’t sleep too well last night, considering that I fell asleep on the couch and didn’t force myself to switch over to the bed until around 3:00 a.m. I had decided on Sunday to see how it would go without the pain-killers, so I’d taken only a couple of Tylenol all day. I learned a few things from that experiment. The first was that the medicine works pretty well. The other was that by far the most pain I was having was coming from a few rib Continue reading Home Early

On the Shoulder

It was around 9 pm Saturday night when I picked up the phone and called Ed N. We’d just returned from a nice dinner at Vizard’s, a small restaurant that recently relocated from St. Charles Ave. to Magazine Street. It was a little crowded and the food took a long time to arrive, but it was really good. I’d been kicking around the idea of going up to Baton Rouge to help out with the Raising Cane’s time trial and I figured Ed was a good bet for a ride. Sure enough, he had an empty seat in his borro Continue reading On the Shoulder

Who Cares?

The streets were wet this morning at 5:45 am, and the forecast last night had sounded pretty bleak. Out of habit I checked the radar. Three different warnings at the same time. Awesome. Then I thought, “Who cares? I wouldn’t have been able to ride anyway.” The weather down in the basement wasn’t a whole lot better. There was a steady headwind blowing at fan setting #2, and by the end of the 45 minutes I spent on the trainer even that proved to be entirely inadequate. Definitely going to Level 3 Continue reading Who Cares?


In the passenger seat of the Volvo my right hand clenched with white knuckles the handhold. I’ve never been particularly comfortable in the passenger seat, and it always seems worse when The Wife is driving, especially when we’re running late. I tried to divert my eyes from the road, yet still struggled to relax my death grip on the handhold. Each jolting acceleration, every sharp turn, and all of the bumps and potholes reminded me of the reason for this particular mid-afternoon journey — a vis Continue reading Ouch!

Fun Meter Reading Low

It was a long weekend. Really long. Really long with not much to show for it. Chip P. stopped by to pick up the Orbea. He routinely drives up I-55 and offered to drop it off at Frank’s place so he can re-glue the chainstay that pulled loose in the crash last week. Wish he could do that with my collarbone, because this thing still hurts. On Sunday I started cutting down on the hydrocodone while maintaining the acetaminophen dosage so I’m not quite so loopy and drowsy. I can still tell rather acu Continue reading Fun Meter Reading Low

Hard to Believe

Yesterday, in a state of caffeine-induced optimism, I decided I’d go in to the office for the afternoon. I had to drop some stuff off at UPS anyway, so The Wife picked me up, we took care of the shipping (the medals for the track championships finally being sent to the promoter) and then went to the office. Well, by 4:00 I could hardly focus my eyes any more, even with my glasses on, so we bailed out around 4:30 and went to the drug store to fill a prescription. Naturally they were too busy to t Continue reading Hard to Believe