Another Nail

As the scattered paceline started to reassemble itself, Howard rolled alongside and said, “Another nail in the coffin.” The Tuesday levee ride had started like any other, and by the time it had reached the Country Club it was stretched out into a long string of at least 20 riders. Up ahead there had been a fat lady lumbering down the right side of the bike path and also an oncoming bike. Riders called them out as usual, but the front part of the group didn’t Continue reading Another Nail

Moderate Monday

Just four of us up on the levee this morning, so Brady, Arlow and I took turns taking long pulls at steady speeds from 20 -23 mph. It was smooth and quiet and just a little monotonous, but kind of relaxing. Brooks showed up for a few minutes and mentioned Adam’s email rant about the low velodrome turnout. I’m not sure what the solution is, but you would have thought that the Baton Rouge area alone would have come up with more than six riders. Granted, it’s the Continue reading Moderate Monday

Ride Your Bike

This weekend was another one of just riding the bike. No races just finished, no races next week, nothing close enough to even be on the radar. I wonder if perhaps I need to try and register for Six Gap just to give myself something for which to aim. On Friday Kieth sent an email out to City Park to see if we can get that venue for the Rocktoberfest race in mid-October. It would be nice. Really nice. So I went out to the Saturday Giro Ride and for some reason got kind of sucked into the ride un Continue reading Ride Your Bike

Slight Disagreement

This summer seems to be slowly sapping away all of my energy. As I left this morning to meet the diminutive Friday ride group, I noted that my bike was filthy from the combination of sweat and multiple trips across the wet mud that the riversand folks keep creating for us up on the levee. The internal steel parts of my shifters are rusting and sticking despite frequent applications of spray lubricant, and my legs seem to be working no better than the shifters. Continue reading Slight Disagreement

Horses and Hurricanes

I wish I could say it felt cooler this morning, but I can’t. It was pretty hot and humid with a pretty good wind out of the ESE. The combination of the wind direction and the winding river kept the paceline rather confused as the crosswind kept shifting from one side to the other. All of the rain from Tropical Depression Erin seems to have missed us, unfortunately. This morning we had a new rider on an Orbea, John, who just moved here from Baton Rouge with his brother who is starting grad scho Continue reading Horses and Hurricanes

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